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- This article applies to version : 9.0
- This article applies to the following OS : Windows 7, Windows Vista
When I install the Virgin Media Security Hub, the Program Compatibility Assistant displays the following error: “This program might not have installed correctly”. What should I do?

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Problem: While installing the Virgin Media Digital Home Support Hub, the Program Compatibility Assistant displays an error stating that the program might not have installed correctly. Options are Reinstall using recommended settings or This program installed correctly. The Virgin Media Hub seems to install, but most features don't work.

Cause: This is caused by an incompatibility with the newest iTunes version (released after April 1st), specifically the Bonjour service.


  • This issue only impacts 64bit versions of Vista and Windows 7.
  • The issue only impacts the install of the VM DHS Hub. The newer versions of iTunes does not impact users who already have VM DHS Hub installed.
  • Despite the error message, the install does proceed to completion, however, the PC scan will not work, and you will not be able to start a chat session with an agent.
  • If you try to uninstall the Hub, you get a runtime error message such as MoveFileEx Failed; code 5. Access is denied, but the Virgin Media Hub is in fact removed from the computer.

Solution: A permanent solution is currently being tested. As a work-around, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features, and Uninstall a Program
  2. Uninstall iTunes
  3. Uninstall Bonjour 2.0 (this does not get uninstalled when uninstalling iTunes)
  4. Uninstall VM HUB (Virgin Media Digital Home Support Hub)
  5. Reboot the PC
  6. Re-install VM HUB (Virgin Media Digital Home Support Hub)
  7. Re-install iTunes (this will also re-install the Bonjour service)

This should allow both the iTunes and the Virgin Media Digital Home Support Hub to function correctly.

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