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- This article applies to version : 10.0
- This article applies to All OS
How can I uninstall Virgin Media Security using the cleanup utility?

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Uninstalling Virgin Media Security (RptUU.exe Cleanup utility)

Problem: Uninstallation via Add/Remove Programs is unsuccessful and results in errors.

It aborts midway.
It seems to run to completion but the software is still installed.
Can also be used to remove partial installations (i.e. user was unable to install and is now reinstalling)

Solution:Use the Clean up Utility to remove Virgin Media Security.

  1. Click here to download the cleanup utility to your Desktop.
  2. Double click the RptUU.exe file.
  3. Click Yes to begin the uninstallation
  4. Users must restart their computer to complete the uninstallation. Users should click on Yes if they are ready to restart, otherwise they should exit all work in progress and restart at their earliest convenience.


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